Our standard membership offers the following benefits:

 New friends and connections!  Whether you are a new resident of Barcelona or a lifetime resident, the BWN is a great way to meet people. We bring together women of all ages and many nationalities.

 Exclusive Offerings:  in addition to events and discounts organized solely for BWN members, we also enjoy exclusive excursions, cultural outings and guided walks that reveal hidden gems in Barcelona.

 Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group:  this is a great place to introduce yourself and get to know other BWN members. It’s a place where members can network, support each other, share resources and recommendations, and ask for or offer information and advice about living in Barcelona.

Access to our Moms & Tots Playgroup. Once a week and while the children play, mothers share friendship and valuable info about life in Barcelona with children.

 Opportunities to Lead and to Contribute: as an organization run entirely by volunteers, we nurture opportunities for members to share their ideas, talents, energy, and leadership. Bar none, volunteering is one of the best ways to meet new people and build connections.

 Support Local Charities:  with fund­raising and hands-­on volunteering.

 Special Interest Groups and Activities: music, books, fitness, and food from around the world…these are just of few of the areas of interest for which members form organize activities and mini-communities.

 Members Only Communication:  with forums, the Facebook group, an internal posting system, and newsletters, our members have many different ways of connecting with each other, which is great for those who work and travel.

Our membership year runs from September to September.

Networking & Promotional Opportunities

For BWN Members who have businesses, are about to start a business, or just love talking business, we are developing fresh networking and promotional opportunities which launched in September 2016.

A new team has been organized to oversee these new offerings which include a monthly Networking Coffee, display tables at the monthly Coffee Mornings, and promotional graphics on the BWN Home page or Facebook page.

These opportunities are available only to BWN members. The Networking Coffees are free while the promotional offers require a small donation that range from 20€ – 100€.

If you have more questions about networking or promotions, please fill out our contact form and select the “networking” topic from the list.

Coffee Morning Dates for 2019 - 2020

September 19, 2019 – Circulo Ecuestre

October 15 2019 – Carrer de Legalitat, 60

November 12, 2019 – Carrer de Legalitat, 60
(this is an evening meeting)

December 10, 2019 – Carrer de Legalitat, 60

January 14, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Barcelona Women’s Network?
A:  The BWN is a group of women living in Catalonia who gather for friendship, cultural enrichment, professional connections, and to support local charities.
Q: Do I have to speak English to join?
A: While official business is conducted in English, you do not have to be fluent to join and enjoy our many activities.
Q: What are the membership fees?
A: The annual membership fee is 65 Euros. From February 1st to August 31st, rates switch to the midyear fee which is 35 Euros.
Please note: Once a deposit is made, membership fees are non-refundable. All incomplete memberships will be donated to charity.
Q:What kind of women belong to the BWN?
A: All kinds! We range in age from 20-­something to 70-something and hold passports from over 20 countries. This same diversity is found in our backgrounds, life experiences, professions, and talents.
Q: Is there a trial period?
A: Although we don’t offer a trial period per se, you are welcome to be our guest at any two of our events before joining. You’ll find the dates for our monthly meetings, Evening Drinks, and other events on the blog.
Q: What is the length of a membership?
A: Memberships are renewed annually. The BWN membership year starts on September 1st and ends on August 31st.
Q: How did the group get started?
A: Over 16 years ago, the BWN started as an informal group of international friends joining together to share their experiences of living abroad in Spain. From there, a network of women -­­ both new and not so new to Barcelona – evolved.
Q: Why have others joined?
A: As one member put it simply, “to socialize, share experiences, learn, be stimulated, and be part of a group.”  Other members find that their transition into a new city is much easier because of the connections they create with the BWN. One of the best ways to answer this question is to come to a Coffee Morning  and talk to our members first-hand!
Q: Is the BWN affiliated with other organizations?
A: When the BWN launched, it became one of the groups under the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO). This association provided a connection for women moving to Barcelona from other FAWCO affiliated clubs, networking opportunities around the world, and ideas for philanthropy. Visit the FAWCO website to learn more about them.
Q: Do you have activities for families?
A: We do. There is a weekly play group called Moms & Tots, and we also occasionally organize family outings.
Q:  I work full time. Do you have anything for me?
A:  In addition to monthly outings to evening or weekend concerts, there is a monthly Evening Drinks event that includes light tapas. Other events include special workshops, concerts and wine tastings.
Q: What is done with the money collected from membership fees?
A: Like most organizations, BWN uses some of the funds for our operating costs, such as hosting events, our website, event promotion, meeting expenses, etc. Because we are a non-profit, any surplus is added to the pot and donated on an annual basis to the three local charities chosen by BWN members.

Photo Policy

Please note: group photos of BWN events are typically posted on the BWN public website and Facebook pages. If you do not wish your photo to be displayed, please notify the board, or tell the photographer at the event.

Q: How can I become a sponsor?
A: Please contact our Community Liaison at bwn@bcnwomensnetwork.com to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities available. You can see our current list of sponsor and community partners here.
Q: How is the group structured?
A: The BWN is run by a member-elected Executive Board that includes a president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, and a secretary. In addition, there are several standing committees that assist with various aspects of the organization.
The BWN is also registered with the local Spanish government as a not­for-­profit organization.
View the Executive Board page and the Committees page to learn more about our leadership teams.
Q: Still have questions? 
A: Feel free to contact us.

Kind Words

I’ve only been a member for a few months but already feel completely connected to the BWN. Since I am new to Barcelona, it’s been great to meet warm and interesting women with a wealth of experience. I feel like I have benefitted by being a part of the group.  — Diana 

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