If you hadn’t already noticed, in the BWN we have food on our mind a lot of the time. On 9th May, Donna Kelley hosted the International Food Fest, and below she gives an overview of the event. With members from all over the world, the Network could count on a wide variety of cuisines to come together for one very special gala lunch after the May Monthly Meeting.

The International Food Fest: celebrating our diversity

The main objectives of our International Food Fest were to celebrate the great diversity of our network, bringing members together through the delicious foods of our cultures, while at the same time raising money for our two Community Support Groups, AADAS and Avismon.

We sent out the call for volunteers to take part in preparing dishes for the Food Fest back in March and there was a huge response from generous members who wanted to share a taste of their country with the rest of us. Members of the BWN formed geographical teams with a regional coordinator, who contacted the volunteer chefs and collected their recipes. The regions were las Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe.

Rocio, Shilpa, Ginney, Gwen, Anna & Mia

The forty-five diners can attest to the explosive variety of colors and flavors of the culinary works of art displayed on four long tables. And we raised over 600€ for our Community Support Groups. Looking around the room of happy eaters enjoying each other’s company and sharing stories and laughs and wonderful food, we knew that our Food Fest objectives had been met!



See you at next year’s Food Fest!

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