Hi, I’m Mia! Me and my partner Stephen are foodies and our biggest hobby is to go out to eat. Since we came here a little over two years ago we’ve been enjoying the wonderful restaurants of Barcelona and I will write a little piece about one of them each month.

Today I’d like to talk about L’Antic Bocoi del Gòtic.

This place, located on a narrow street in the Gotic quarter, is one of our absolute favorites! The entrance is small and easy to pass by, but once you go inside it opens up into a big charming room that features part of the ancient Roman wall. It’s a family owned, family run restaurant and Chef Marc Balfegó and his Chef-wife Rosa serve some of the best Catalan food in Barcelona. The menu is relatively small but the dishes are delicious and because the plates are just the right size you can easily try a few. Among the starters you can choose between Catalan sausages or cheeses or several types of salads; my favorite is the Salad with Goat Cheese and Warm Honey Sauce. The main courses are their specialty; Coques de Recapte is a type of Catalan pizza (and yes, we heard that it was indeed the Catalans that invented pizza and not the Italians!). The Coques are made with a thin base of bread with olive oil that is slightly crispy on the outside and topped with different ingredients like vegetables, cheese, sausages, cod, bacon, dates… One page of the menu contains the more traditional Catalan ones and on the other side are the ones with a modern twist. They are all insanely good but my favorite is the one with Gorgonzola and walnuts.
Normally by the time we finish the different starters and mains we are too full to get dessert, but the Crema Catalana and the Chocolate Cake deserve to be mentioned here, and they also serve different types of ice cream. 
The atmosphere is very friendly, the service is great and the price amazingly decent. They know their wines and are happy to help you find one that goes well with your food. Needless to say we visit this lovely restaurant quite often.
 It’s a popular place so if you plan to go I recommend you book a table (it’s closed on Sundays and holidays). 
Bon profit!

Baixada Viladecols 3, 08002 Barcelona
+34 93 310 50 67


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