Our Committees

The Barcelona Women’s Network is run entirely by volunteers, many of whom put time and energy into serving on our various committees and in other key functional roles.

Committees assist the Executive Board by covering and managing one specific area. Each committee is led by a chair (or co-chairs) or team lead who takes care of its internal organization, coordination, distribution of tasks, etc., and who is the main point of contact with the Board. Every BWN members is invited – and encouraged – to get involved with a committee!

Thank you to the wonderful women who are currently serving in this capacity. We couldn’t do it without you!

Community Support

The Community Support Committee acts as the link between the BWN and the two local organizations we support primarily through fundraising. The committee also creates opportunities for BWN members to connect with the supported organizations on a more personal level.

Current Chair: Shilpa Deshmukh


The Membership Committee is the first point of contact for prospective members and new members. It is also tasked with maintaining our member databases, managing renewals, and forwarding the various inquiries we receive to the appropriate people.

Current Chairs: Justine Sherwood and Dana Amunategui


This committee is BWN’s link with FAWCO, an international network of 76+ Member Clubs, including the BWN, in 38 countries. FAWCO is particularly active in global issues regarding education, the environment, and women’s and children’s rights.

Current Chair: Arline Coward

Sunshine Committee

The Sunshine Committee reaches out to members on behalf of BWN who are going through something significant – either good and not so good.  They make sure that our members know we care and are thinking of them through the good and bad of times.  If you want to be part of this special committee please contact the committee chair.

Current Chair: Nieves Silva

Business Group

Our group empowers businesswomen to achieve success on our own terms. The BWN provides opportunities for women to connect with and support each other. We deliver programs that contribute to the personal and professional development of our members.

Business Group: Missy Ziegler

Social Media

Our Facebook Admins keep our news feed humming and our list of fans growing. 

Current FB Admins: Muriel Malloy and Valerie Collins

Meet & Greet
Coffee Servers

A triple crown effort goes into BWN’s Coffee Mornings. Meet the teams who are essential to making them a pleasure to attend.

The Hospitality Committee produces the fabulous snacks served at the meetings that are held at Carrer de la Legalitat, 60. Team Lead: Dobro Giedwidz
 The Meet & Greet team shepherds the visitors who come to our Coffee Morning meetings. They are the first to say hello, make introductions to other members, and help every visitor feel welcome. Team Lead: Cathy Arrington


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