The BWN is run by an annually elected board consisting of a President, two vice-presidents, treasurer and secretary. Together, the board is responsible for the legal and financial affairs of the BWN and oversees the administration of all donations and contributions made on behalf of the group. As a team, the board reviews and approves all events, activities, sponsorships, and fundraising efforts of the BWN. They support all BWN functions and promote the BWN in the community.

Lisette Sandoval, President

Lisette Sandoval

I am originally from Los Angeles California and have been in barcelona over 5 years. Came on a life break and it’s become home. I love to think. I love to figure things out and I love connecting people Besides that I’m a Entrepreneurial Business and Life coach where I help women get organized. I help them find their confidence, their focus, and overcome their doubts. I’m your number one believer and I help you believe in you too.

I really like BWN and the women in it. I believe in this organization and how it can and has helped women build positive relationships. I’m here to continue that and add a little of my zest of life to it. I want to breath in fresh air and fun to the group. I want to infect all members with my enthusiasm and optimism that this group is not only special but we shine bright. We are a diverse group and want to keep it that way. Adding more special people to the mix and reminding members that they are important and how they can share that with others. I know that I can only shine as bright as I want and I know that I can shine even brighter with an enthusiastic bunch surrounding me. Will you join me in being your best here at BWN?  My email address is:

Nuria Ventura, Vice President 1

Nuria Ventura

I am Swiss/Spanish, I am 33 years old. Since 2 years I am working on my own as a Real State Consultant for german-speaking foreigners. Beside my own business, I am making different projects with my family here in Barcelona (also in the Real State area) and I am caring for my grandmother. I am a member of BWN for about 3 years and I was in charge of the business part with Lisette last year. I love the group, I like working with Lisette and with the other girls. And I like to give something back to the group and that is the reason why I accepted the charge of the VP1. In my free time I like to make sport, play piano and restore furnitures. I am a hard-working and organized person.  My email address is:

Gwen Gilmore de Comas, Vice President 2

Gwen Gilmore de Comas

Sophie Anderson, Secretary

Sophie BWN Secretary

I’m from the UK and I came to Barcelona in June 2016 from London after taking around two years to decide where I wanted to build the rest of my life. I knew very clearly that I wanted a more relaxed way of life from London, and basically wanted it all: beach, sunshine, lovely people, architecture, food, wine, as well as being near to countryside and mountains for snowboarding in winter. I lived in Buenos Aires for a brief time when I was younger and loved it, I felt so alive there. Barcelona is the only city in Europe that has the same feeling for me.

I’m a Doctor of the brain stem and nerve system. I focus on helping women with chronic health issues that haven’t responded to traditional medicine get well by checking the function of their brain stem (as its usually the part that hasn’t been checked and isn’t functioning at 100%). Being a woman myself and growing up with many girlfriends who have suffered all sorts of health issues I have ended up dedicating my life to these issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, migraines, thyroid issues, MS, arthritis, hormonal challenges, and fertility issues.

Its not really a job for me, more of a passion. When Im not seeing patients, studying or working with students, I love to be on the beach in summer and in the mountains in winter. I would love to help this next Board improve on the amazing organisation that already exists, enticing more members of all age ranges, and making the running of the organisation as streamlined as possible so future boards can have fun whilst volunteering their time.  My email address is:

Jane Harvey, Treasurer

I am from Wales originally, but after marrying my husband, Peter, his work took us to Germany, then to Zambia, and then to Saudi Arabia.

After two years in the African bush and two years in the Arabian desert we decided it was time for a return to European culture for a time. However, after those four years in warm climates we didn’t feel we wanted to spend a winter in the cold, so we decided to come and spend a year in Spain, a country which neither of us had previously visited.

That year stretched a little, and it’s now 31 years since we arrived. Barcelona is home, and I can’t really imagine living anywhere else.

You can reach me at:

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